March 26, 2011

Good to be Frugal

Since I graduated from college last June I have not had a vacation. I started my full time job two weeks after graduation ceremony and I have not had a real (non Christmas) vacation since.

Finally my brother and I decided that we wanted to go to Europe, so we booked our flight and plans are a go.

However, this impromptu vacation has created a bit of a financial strain on me. I have enough to survive and not find myself in debt, but I would like to continue my bank account's growing trend.

So I decided that i'm going on a frugal fast. For the weeks prior to my vacation, I intend to spend as close to $0.00 as possible.

For a couple of seconds I thought I could really go without spending anything since I could live off of my pantry, but I'm vegan and most of my undergraduate studies had to do with nutrition, so I know better than to forgo fresh fruits and veggies for weeks. So, close to zero will have to do :)

What does frugal fast entail?
  • No coffee shop runs. This is anxiety producing, but it's just a matter of reminding myself that it's for a greater good.
  • Walking to the grocery store or farmer's market instead of driving.
  • Only buying fruits and veggies because I have dry beans, grains, flour and dry pastas at home
  • Double checking my commutes, making sure I take the most efficient route (with $4.59 a gallon here in the bay area, this is a must).
  • Car trips to the mall, where all happiness is kept, will have to cease. I could take the train, since it's free for me, but I just know I'm bound to find something cute. 
  • Baking my own bread for my lunch sandwiches.
  • No hair cut before the vacation - however, this is always a splurge and wounds/chips-away/dilapidates my wallet regardless of how great my paycheck is. 

I don't pay extra for utilities and I pack my lunches for work everyday, so I can't really cut any more corners on those.

 Do you have any more ideas on how I could save some dough before splurging on my trip? 

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