March 24, 2011

Good Looks and Good Music

This might have nothing to do with saving the world- but it has everything to do with saving the world:

Mark Ronson.
Mark Ronson 

He is a music producer extraordinaire and he's gorgeous. My best friend came back from a trip to Melbourne, Australia and introduced me to his music. I fell head over heels.

I first heard Somebody to Love Me, which he produced and has vocals with Boy George.
After that first listen, I bought his latest album Record Collection.  Then I bought Versions.. I couldn't sleep listening to these great albums, I wanted to soak them all in.

He is not well known here in California (or the US for that matter), but is a smash around the globe. Americans are definitely missing out.

But Ronson is more than just music- he's a socialite and embodies a lifestyle that only 0.0001% of the world can enjoy, and I dig it.

Through his music, I will vicariously live that jazzy, upbeat, urban life he leads, and be pumped about saving the world (while monetarily contributing to the upkeep of his amazing good looks).

Give him a listen. I know you'll enjoy it! :)

The Bike Song (from his album Record Collection)

Just: (from Versions)

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