February 5, 2012

Coffee Common NYC

I don't know what this is, but it looks amazing. All coffee, all the time.
There is nothing like amazing black coffee, yum!


January 22, 2012


Vegan Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Icing, no sprinkles. 

OK, so in the village there is an AMAZINGLY delicious place called Molly's Cupcakes that has the best tasting vegan cupcakes I have ever consumed. Ever.

You must ask them for the vegan cupcakes because they do not have them on display and you can choose the cake-frosting combo you like (chocolate and vanilla). I chose the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. They had recommended the chocolate frosting, but they had ran out (we visited at the last hour). They still let me taste a bit of the vegan chocolate frosting and it was delicious. I was in the mood for vanilla frosting, so it worked out perfectly for me without offending anyone.

My significant other and I enjoy playing games when we're out and about and this place has tons of games (Apples to Apples, Connect Four, card games, etc). We had fun drinking coffee, eating cupcakes, listening to their delightful taste in music, and playing card games. Quite a place.

Molly's Cupcakes, check it!


Natural History Museum

Considering that I am Hispanic, it is very difficult for me to measure just how much European or how much Native American blood I consist of. However, it goes without saying that culturally I was conditioned to identify more with the Native American ancestry than with my European ancestry because my parents grew up on Mexico and in the United States (especially in California) there is a strong Mexican-American presence. As I am taking a social perspective course on DNA, I will say that our past and our cultural composition is mostly socially constructed, but it's absolutely majestic and captivating to think back at what societies valued and found beautiful before we emerged on this earth. I will say that my tastes are begin influenced by generations past. 

Whenever I see little artifacts like these, I wish I was knew more about Mexican Natives and their practices. Considering that I'm finishing up graduate school, I don't think this will happen soon, unfortunately. Nevertheless, it's wonderful to know one's roots and to basque in the idea that our predecessors were such intricate and spiritual beings. 

Welcoming 2012

New Year Bubbly 
The new year has a lot of promise.
Although not a resolution, I will be more diligent with my photos and updating since I have a fancy new camera and I'm in scenic New York City and plan to embark in many adventures.

In my tender 23 years on this earth, I have a feeling that this is the cusp of my adult life and it warrants documentation.
So, happy new year! Hope 2012 is filled with adventures and new wisdom.

December 4, 2011

Holiday Pinnings

An "S" for my stocking which will be stocked with scrumptious surprises. 

It's Christmas, Deer.

My stocking holder!

Gothic Church

Amsterdam Ave, Morningside Heights
they are adding to this beautiful structure. It was raining and I thought I would capture it's omnipotence.