March 27, 2011

Vegan Bread

A couple of days ago I decided that I would try to be frugal and save as much money as possible before my vacation. So as part of the frugality, I would bake my own sandwich bread. 

I have not had much luck making loaves of bread, they would always come out too chewy or hard. 

Still, I thought I would try a new recipe anyway. I searched for vegan whole wheat bread and up came a (non-vegan) recipe from So I vegan-ized it and increased the fiber: 
  • I substituted agave nectar for the honey, and olive oil for the butter. 
  • I substituted the bread flour for oat bran-- I simply ground up oats in my spice grinder until it was powdery like flour. 

Et voila! 

My bread, she's a beauty

I do have to say that it took me several hours, but it was very much worth it- it's delicious, the perfect consistency, and I had to stop myself from consuming it all at once. 


The steps were simple and it called for common ingredients- the good reviews on do not lie, it's a winner! 
I might never have to buy my $5 loaf of vegan sandwich bread again. 

March 26, 2011

Good to be Frugal

Since I graduated from college last June I have not had a vacation. I started my full time job two weeks after graduation ceremony and I have not had a real (non Christmas) vacation since.

Finally my brother and I decided that we wanted to go to Europe, so we booked our flight and plans are a go.

However, this impromptu vacation has created a bit of a financial strain on me. I have enough to survive and not find myself in debt, but I would like to continue my bank account's growing trend.

So I decided that i'm going on a frugal fast. For the weeks prior to my vacation, I intend to spend as close to $0.00 as possible.

For a couple of seconds I thought I could really go without spending anything since I could live off of my pantry, but I'm vegan and most of my undergraduate studies had to do with nutrition, so I know better than to forgo fresh fruits and veggies for weeks. So, close to zero will have to do :)

What does frugal fast entail?
  • No coffee shop runs. This is anxiety producing, but it's just a matter of reminding myself that it's for a greater good.
  • Walking to the grocery store or farmer's market instead of driving.
  • Only buying fruits and veggies because I have dry beans, grains, flour and dry pastas at home
  • Double checking my commutes, making sure I take the most efficient route (with $4.59 a gallon here in the bay area, this is a must).
  • Car trips to the mall, where all happiness is kept, will have to cease. I could take the train, since it's free for me, but I just know I'm bound to find something cute. 
  • Baking my own bread for my lunch sandwiches.
  • No hair cut before the vacation - however, this is always a splurge and wounds/chips-away/dilapidates my wallet regardless of how great my paycheck is. 

I don't pay extra for utilities and I pack my lunches for work everyday, so I can't really cut any more corners on those.

 Do you have any more ideas on how I could save some dough before splurging on my trip? 

March 24, 2011

Good Looks and Good Music

This might have nothing to do with saving the world- but it has everything to do with saving the world:

Mark Ronson.
Mark Ronson 

He is a music producer extraordinaire and he's gorgeous. My best friend came back from a trip to Melbourne, Australia and introduced me to his music. I fell head over heels.

I first heard Somebody to Love Me, which he produced and has vocals with Boy George.
After that first listen, I bought his latest album Record Collection.  Then I bought Versions.. I couldn't sleep listening to these great albums, I wanted to soak them all in.

He is not well known here in California (or the US for that matter), but is a smash around the globe. Americans are definitely missing out.

But Ronson is more than just music- he's a socialite and embodies a lifestyle that only 0.0001% of the world can enjoy, and I dig it.

Through his music, I will vicariously live that jazzy, upbeat, urban life he leads, and be pumped about saving the world (while monetarily contributing to the upkeep of his amazing good looks).

Give him a listen. I know you'll enjoy it! :)

The Bike Song (from his album Record Collection)

Just: (from Versions)

March 23, 2011

Good cup of coffee

awesome cup o' joe
Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford, CA

I love coffee. I am addicted. I have approximately 8 cups of black coffee a day.
I like Peet's Arabian Java, thank you very much, and when I found out it had health benefits, I did a little happy dance *happy dance!*

So next time someone chooses tea over coffee and looks at you over their snooty cup of green tea, you pick up that Java and say "SALUT!"

Introductory Post

I knew I wanted to write a blog. 

I have an impulsive desire to share my thoughts. I tried looking for journal articles that explained the psycho-sociological or evolutionary reasons for which humans feel an impulse to share ideas, but my Google search quickly lead me to other unrelated articles, and I became distracted. 

Story of my life. 

So I finally buckled down and I am committed to this new blog of mine. This is an opportune time, since I'm at a life crossroads, and I have no clue where this thing is taking me. 

When it came to writing this blog, I asked myself , Who am I? What is my primary role in this world? 

I quickly realized that I was a girl of many passions; sociology, health, vegan food, fashion, music, ecology, love, photography. I can honestly say i'm invested in all of these, but one alone does not define me. As a California Bay Area resident (Silicon Valley, top universities, hippie-eco-friendly, tolerant, culturally diverse Mecca of the Universe), I'm spread thin. But I have to say this is indicative of those twenty somethings here in the Bay Area. World issues are our issues- we all give a damn and we will not go down with this ship!! *cue Dido song*

We tread this world with great aspirations of fixing it all, but we also are cautious not to make matters worse with our personal decisions.
Cautious about our food choices
Cautious about our ecological choices
Cautious about our love lives
Cautious about our life choices
Cautious about our political views
All because we want to make the world a better place.

Cautious Generation Next (CG-Next) is a blog about all of the things that concern us as evolving and mindful people. 

So let's take a breather from all your Do Goodin' and... Enjoy!