May 25, 2011

Good Balance

I've posted selective pictures from the first six months of living alone and out of college. I have many more pictures that I'm proud of, but they involve family members or they depict my face- things which I don't think are appropriate for this blog.

The hardest part of the last couple of postings was choosing my aesthetic over a good picture. I've taken fortuitous pictures that have great lighting, color and balance, but don't necessarily reflect my taste in photographs. I've also taken great shots of objects that I find aesthetically pleasing, but the picture itself doesn't always come up to the highest standards.

I guess I will figure out a balance of these, but for now, I am picking pictures that reflect pivotal moments that are at times gut-wrenching to remember. Who knew this would be so emotionally draining? (in a good way, of course). 

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