April 2, 2011

French Press

These last couple of weeks of supposed frugality have thrown several curve balls at me:
There was the birthday party -  "Darn! I have to get a present?!"
Running out of shampoo - "I guess body wash will have to do"
$6 cherry plum tomatoes -they just looked *so* good... couldn't resist
...and then to my horror, I ran out of coffee filters.

I usually use the paper coffee filters on the trusted Mr. Coffee machine, but I was committed to spending close to zero dollars this week, and with my $6 cherry tomatoes, I had was forced to forgo the filters.

So I broke out the dusty French Press.

It wasn't at all dusty, I promise

This should be easy enough, right? I had done it before and everything should run smoothly. I wouldn't have to buy coffee filters and I would use less electricity!

I boiled the water, steeped the grinds, waited the allotted time, and pressed.
The coffee? It fell short.

Mind you, I didn't use French roast beans, which are coarser and therefore more appropriate for presses, but still! The taste was not rich or bold or full bodied, but I am committed to saving money and I will make this work!

So I went to Google for answers and secrets of the Art of French Press.

Who knew you can make simple things so complicated!?

I tried it again and, still, coffee sucks. Can't wait until I reunite with more money and paper coffee filters.

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